-1- Choose Your Colors

-A- Background
-B- Heading
-C- Text
-D- Links
-E- Visited Links

-2- Images
-A- Logos

-B- Your Own
-C- Background Blocks

-D- Lines

-E- Counters


- You can arrange the colors to the combination of your choice.

- White
- Black
- Grey
- Silver
- Brown
- Blue
- Dark Blue
- Tiel
- Green
- Lime
- Forest Green
- Yellow
- Gold
- Orange
- Dark Orange
- Red
- Dark Red
- Cranberry
- Burgandy

-A-choose one of many business logos that pertain to your business.

-B- you might want to use one of yor own images, or graphics.
-C- colored boxes, or marble-like textures might ad pizzaz to your site as a background image.
-D- special horizontal lines can add make your page look good.
-E- counters let you, and your visitors know how many times your page was visited.

- Click Here For Logos -

- Click Here For Background Blocks -

- Click Here For Horizontal Lines -

2C- At This Time There Is Only 1 Visitor Counter.

Once You Have Decided How You Want Your Web Page To Look, With The Color Modifications, And Any Graphics That You Want. Fill Out The Order Form As To The Criteria. When You Are Completed, Hit The Send Button.

After I Recieve Your Form, I Will Construct A Sample Web Site. I Will Then E - Mail You A Link To The Sample Site.

With The E - Mail That I Send You, I Will Also Include The Price Estimate (Quote) According To Your Specifications.

If You Like The Web Page & Would Want To Go Ahead Then Send Me The Payment. After I Recieve Your Payment I Will Then Immediatelly Activate Your Web Site.

- You Will Now Be The Owner Of A Web Site On The World - Wide - Web And The Internet.

Once You Have Made Your Color And Images Selections, Then Fill Out This Form And Click Onto The Send Button. (note - for the images sections just write the letter - number i.d._ for your own images, and counters just write yes or no)

Fill Out The Forms Below To Enter Your Information

Thank You.,-

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